Fight City

In the dystopian future of 2077, women dominate the new world and keep the peace with their police force: the CCPD. There are no more guns. Knives are scarce, but crime is still on the rise. The CCPD has the most elite fighters in the region and they keep the peace by doling out hard nosed justice! Officer Barb Davies is the most elite fighter of them all yet she has the most level head. Can she make sense of this new world or are we doomed to repeat the endless cycle of violence?


$ 99

Per MonthPerformed in 2017 at The Factory Theater (1623 W Howard)

Directed by: Jill Oliver
Written by: Scott OKen
Runs from July 21st to August 26th
Fridays/Saturdays 8pm
Sundays 3pm



$ 99

Per Month

Barb DaviesJennifer Betancourt
Margaret DaviesMandy Walsh*
AvoryAlmanya Narula
WeatherfootHarrison Weger
ArgentAshley Yates
WhiteMeredith Rae Lyons
Lt. Quaife/Noone Jen Bosworth
Erica BurdonKim Boler*
ValentineSusan Wingerter
Chandler/ThugBrittany Ellis
Price/ThugMegan Schemmel
Verne/SteeleEric Frederickson
LeoJae K. Renfrow
TerryLinsey Falls*
RelfJosh Zagoren
RichardsGrace Odumosu
Understudy (Leo/Terry/Verne)Colin Milroy*
Understudy (Weatherfoot/Relf)Josh Greiveldinger
Understudy (Steele) Dan Krall
Understudy (Davies/Avory)Kim Fukawa
Understudy (Argent/White/Richards)Josephine Longo
Understudy (Margaret/Valentine)Elizabeth MacDougald
Understudy (Erica/Lt. Quaife/Noone)Sara Robinson
Understudy (Chandler/Price/Thugs 1 & 2)Cory Griffith

*Factory Ensemble Member


$ 99

Per MonthPlaywrightScott OKen*
DirectorJill Oliver*
Assistant DirectorKevin Alves*
Stage ManagerPhil Claudnic*
Assistant Stage ManagerJermaine Edward Thomas*
Production ManagerManny Tamayo*
Assistant Production ManagerGreg Caldwell*
Fight Director – Maureen Yasko
Fight Director – Chris Smith
Set Design – Sarah Lewis
Technical Director – Amie Zimmerman
Lighting Design – Emma Deane
Master ElectricianC.W. Van Baale*
Sound DesignBen Zeman
Costume DesignCarla McDowell
Props DesignAlbert Gogetem
Graphic DesignJason Moody*
Fight CaptainĀ  Mandy Walsh*
Fight Captain Meredith Rae Lyons
Consultant – Maggie Scrantom
All staged intimacy was professionally designed

*Factory Ensemble Member

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