Linsey Falls Headshot 1

Linsey Falls (Terry) is thrilled to be mixing it up again with The Factory Theater! His past Chicago productions include The Magic City (Manual Cinema) the weekly That’s Weird, Grandma (Barrel of Monkeys) Lyle Finds his Mother and The One and Only Ivan (Lifeline Theatre), Hotel Aphrodite and Namosaur (THE FACTORY THEATER); Slaughter City, Drumming in the Night, and Debris of the Prophet (Prop Thtr); A Summer’s Day and Blue Planet (Akvavit Theatre); The Sign of the Four and Frankenstein (City Lit Theatre); Ghosts of Treasure Island (Adventure Stages Chicago); Henry V (Promethean Theatre) and Lolita de Lares (Urban Theater) and The Black Slot (AstonRep Theater Company).