What is The Factory?

Right after saving a multitude of puppies and nuns from a burning bus en route to an orphanage, The Factory Theater decided that creating shows would be even more rewarding than heroism.

That would be an awesome story. Truth is, most Chicagoans created theater companies because they didn’t want to wait for the right kind of shows to appear – they wanted to make them. The Factory was no exception to this rule, but they took it a step or ten further. The Factory was going to create their shows from scratch, doing exactly the kind of theater they wanted to do.

Almost 25 seasons later, the formula seems to be working. From writing workshops to the closing night bash, the process ensures The Factory shows are a unique experience that fits their exacting standards: Original, Bold, and Full-Tilt. The shameless ensemble are ambassadors of a good time, making certain that Chicago remains heartily entertained.

Yeah, this is a better story than that burning bus. Trust.

May we all just take a moment and agree that the Factory Theater is a goddamn Chicago treasure?

Time Out Chicago

It's a happy day for Chicago theater when the folks at the Factory get trashy and stupid.

Chicago Reader

Sometimes we need a fun throwback. With a big bag of silicone dicks. And the Factory Theater delivers.

Critics' Pick, Four Stars, Time Out Chicago

Press Release


The Factory Theater opens its second season at its home in Rogers Park. The company will produce three plays, each of which will feature a female artist as either writer or director.

Season 24 will continue The Factory’s legacy of pulpy, entertaining original work. Zombie Broads is a fantastical comedy set in the midst of a present-day zombie uprising. Fight City, set in 2077, promises stage combat wrapped in a futuristic package.


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