Meredith Rae Lyons

Meredith Rae Lyons (White/Male Civilian) is totally stoked to be hanging with The Factory Theatre folks again after having previously understudied for The Last Big Mistake.  Meredith is a company member with the side project and favorite credits with them include Twin Set (Marnie), Push Button Murder (Becky), Hello Failure (Valeska), Joan’s Laughter (Joan of Arc) and Birthday (Leila).  She’s also enjoyed some fun times with other companies like playing Andi in One Boppa with Curious Theatre Branch, Emmy in Patchwork Drifter with Babes with Blades, Lanie in Ithaka and Micah in Fight Girl Battle World with InFusion Theatre Company, Nanette in Brewed with the Ruckus and Tympanic Theatre Company, The House Theatre’s Iron Stag King and Cyrano.  She wants to express thanks to her husband, Dean, for always supporting her and making life more fun. Learn more about Meredith at, there’s a blog and everything on there