Jae Renfrow

Jae K. Renfrow (Leo) doesn’t care much for writing bios. He’d tell you about all the shows he worked on in the past like playing Alan in Akvavit Theatre’s production of Hand in Hand. Or the time he played Doug in world-premiere of The Interrogation, or Tom in The Time of Your Life, both at The Artistic Home. Or that one time he was in Macbeth as guy named Angus and showed his bare ass to his mother-in-law from Kentucky. He could tell you all about it and more, but why bother. You can’t go back and see any of it because those shows don’t exist anymore. Every performance disappeared into the ether – never to be seen or heard again. Just like tonight’s performance will live on only in the hearts and minds of those souls that are here to experience it. And when you die, so too shall any trace of anything we’ve achieved here tonight. So, think on that while you’re waiting for the train later