The Next Big Thing

 Grunge. The internet. Auto-tune. It was all happening – and about to happen – in 1997. For 19 year-old Beth Peterson, shaking the dust off her small town life to pursue a career in rock ‘n’ roll is a dream-come-true. In The Next Big Thing, audiences watch as the curtain gets pulled back to reveal the harsh realities of the city, the industry and adulthood, and will find out if Beth can navigate her new world.


$ 99

Per MonthDirected by Robyn Coffin
Written by Carrie J. Sullivan

Runs from March 16th through April 21st
Fridays and Saturdays at 8pm
Sundays at 3pm

Previews run March 9th through March 11th




$ 99

Per MonthBethAllison Grischow
AlexMary Jo Bolduc
SteveNick Freed
TobyRaj Bond
MonicaKiayla Ryann
Evan/Beck/Joey Jake Szczepaniak
Clive/ForemanTim Newell
MikeBlake Dalzin*
U/S (Beth)Elleon Dobias
U/S (Monica)Ava Gong
U/S (Alex)Stacie Barra*
U/S (Toby)Spenser Davis*
U/S (Steve)Scott Sawa
U/S (Clive/Mike)Sean Harklerode
U/S (Evan/Joey/Beck)Chris Lysy

*Factory Theater Ensemble Member


$ 99

Per MonthPlaywright – Carrie J. Sullivan*
Director – Robyn Coffin*
Assistant Director 1 – Jason Moody*
Assistant Director 2 – Scott OKen*
Stage Manager – Jermaine Edward Thomas*
Production Manager – Greg Caldwell*
Set Design – Alan Donuhue
Master of the Mystic Arts – Tom Aufmann
Costume Design – Gary Nocco
Lighting Design – David Goodman-Edberg
Master Electrician – CW Van Baale*
Sound Design -John Szymanski
Props Design – Christine Jennings*
Intimacy Design – Maureen Yasko
Graphics Design – Mandy Walsh*

*Factory Theater Ensemble Member

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