Carrie J. Sullivan (Playwright) is a born and raised “Yooper”, and has been a proud member of Factory since 2004, when she first served as Stage Manager for a remount of Being At Choice. She eventually graduated to Production Manager (Bustin’ Out of the Hell, Siskel and Ebert Save Chicago) and even appeared on stage a couple times (Menage a Trailer, Shameless Shamuses, Mop Top Festival) before making the final leap to Managing Director in 2007. She is an accomplished musician (piano, bass, guitar, tuba, voice) who has joined The Smashing Pumpkins on stage, toured with 90’s band Catherine, and recorded several albums. She would like to thank the incredible team working on this show, the whole Factory ensemble, her family, and, of course, her #1 rock star of a husband, Mark. She dedicates this show to “Grandma Y”, and to her greatest teachers: Ruth Chown and Doug Fixgrrr (the “G” is silent). Wish you all were here to see this.