Captain Steve’s Caring Kingdom

Everyone is familiar with the host of a children’s show visiting a land filled with talking animals and puppets. What happens when the host isn’t around? Do the animals also go to jobs they hate? Are they struggling to save their relationships? Do they have issues they can’t seem to fix? The Factory Theater takes a glimpse into the lives of the residents of Captain Steve’s caring kingdom, in a story not suitable for children.



$ 99

Per MonthWritten and Directed by: Mike Ooi
Performed from November 3rd to December 9th 2017
at The Factory Theater


$ 99

Per MonthOK BearScott OKen*
EllieBrittany Ellis
BeakyChris Hainsworth
Grimby/NellieRebecca Wolfe
Mookie/The KingChristopher M. Walsh
StorkGreg Caldwell*
SquealsBlake Dalzin*
TurvMichael Reyes
AllamisSarah Scanlon
Busby/SlothTopher Leon
The Fattie/DonnieDan Krall
Shakes/Frankie/Peacock MadameChristy Arington
Meowser/Ronnie/DogJennifer Betancourt
Captain Steve – Steven Townshend
Understudy (Stork/Busby)Andrew Rodriguez
Understudy (Allamis/Shakes/Frankie/Meowser) Lydia Hiller
Understudy (Ellie)Allie Romano
Understudy (Beaky) Anthony Tournis*
Understudy (The Fattie/Donnie)Ashley Yates
Understudy (OK Bear)Phil Claudnic*
Understudy (Turv/Squeals) – Morgan Gire
Understudy (Mookie/The King)Brian Kulaga
Understudy (Nellie/Grimby)Alicia Frame

*Factory Theater Ensemble Member


$ 99

Per MonthPlaywrightMike Ooi*
DirectorMike Ooi*
Assistant DirectorMandy Walsh*
Stage ManagerMonica M. Brown
Production ManagerTimothy C. Amos*
Set DesignerJeremy Hollis
Master of the Mystic ArtsTom Aufmann
Lighting DesignerMeghan Erxleben
Master ElectricianCW Van Baale*
Sound DesignerChas Vrba*
Costume DesignerGary Nocco
Assistant to the Costume DesignerCaleb Awe
Props DesignerAnn Sonneville
Graphics DesignerJason Moody*
Puppets DesignerJill Frederickson
Violence DesignR & D Choreography– (Victor Bayona and Richard Gilbert)
Music ComposerJason Moody*
Vocal Recording and Mixing – Mark Rew
Video Recording – Jeff Rogers^

*Factory Theater Ensemble Member
^Factory Theater Board Member

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