Tom Aufmann (Master of the Mystic Arts) is again with The Factory Theater and can’t wait to see the end result of Captain Steve’s Caring Kingdom!  Tom’s prior work with The Factory includes Geoff Award winning, Incident on Run 1217.  This will be Tom’s 12th play with The Factory!  Tom has also worked with The Highland Park Players, Vitalist Theatre of Chicago, Music on Stage and Infamous Commonwealth. Although Tom is “technically” retired, he loves the challenge and excitement of bringing creativity to life on stage!  Tom would like to thank Tim Amos, Mike Ooi and of course Sully & OKen for inviting him to join their production again!  Tom looks forward to working with Jeremy to make the show as awesome as all the previous shows have been! Tom also thanks Jay Johnson (owner of building) for making sure the basement never floods!  J   Enjoy the show! None of this is possible without the support of all of you – the audience!