Zombie Broads

Maxine and Marco, and their book club ‘The Zombie Broads’, have all the weaponry and knowledge they’ll ever need for the zombie uprising. Their daughter, Shelby, is trained for the worst, but would really like to just get a cell phone and date her secret boyfriend. Besides, zombies won’t happen. It’s not like a scientist is accidentally gonna do anything stupid, right? By the way, you smell really good…delicious even…you should probably run.



$ 99

Per MonthDirected By: Janice L. Blixt
Written By: Corrbette Pasko and Sara Sevigny

Previews: October 14
Opens: October 21
Runs through: November 26



$ 99

Per MonthMarcoKevin Alves

GeorgeTimothy C. Amos

UnderstudyDebbie Baños

MonicaKim Boler

EnsembleCharlie Davis

AlexSpenser Davis

PhyllisCameron Feagin

UnderstudyDennis Frymire

EnsembleKim Fukawa

EnsembleRisha Tenae

UnderstudyElizabeth MacDougald

IsabelHayley Rice

EnsembleWill Snyder

ShelbyElise Spoerlein

MaxineTara Sullivan

UnderstudyChristopher Sylvie

RileyRebecca Wolfe

LexieAshley Yates


$ 99

Per MonthProps Designer – Christy Arington
Master of the Mystic Arts – Tom Aufmann
Director – Janice L. Blixt
Stage Manager – Phil Claudnic
Fight Choreographer – Matt Engle
Lighting Designer – Diane Fairchild
Master Electrician – Marissa Geocaris
Special Effects – Ryan Rayfield
Production Manager – Johnny Moran
Asst. Costume Designer – Gary Nocco
Playwright – Corrbette Pasko
Playwright – Sara Sevigny
Costume Designer – Rachel Sypniewski
Asst. Stage Manager – Jermaine Thomas
Set Designer – Carolyn Voss
Sound Designer – Chas Vrba

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