Factory After Dark

Check out our late night extravaganza, part “Tonight show”, part “Playboy After Dark” ALL ENTERTAINMENT!

Hosted by our very own ERIC ROACH!


$ 99

Per Month

Hosted by: Eric Roach

Somewhat directed by: Scott OKen/Eric Roach/Greg Caldwell
Runs: December 2nd, 2017 10:30pm



$ 99

Per MonthHosted by Eric Roach

Special Guests:

The stories of Lily Be

A Poem/Tribute by Taylor “Lola” Price

Stand up comedy by Liz Greenwood

Andrea DeVriendt sings for you!

Olive Garden Fan Fiction with Spenser Davis and Stacie Barra


$ 99

Per MonthStage Manager – Jermaine Edward Thomas*
Production Managers/Talent Acquisition – Greg Caldwell*/Eric Roach*
Organizers – Scott OKen*/Greg Caldwell*/Eric Roach*

*Factory Theater Ensemble Member

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