Factory After Dark

Check out our late night extravaganza, part “Tonight show”, part “Playboy After Dark” ALL ENTERTAINMENT!

Hosted by our very own ERIC ROACH!


$ 99

Per Month

Hosted by: Eric Roach

Somewhat directed by: Scott OKen/Eric Roach/Greg Caldwell
Runs: December 2nd, 2017 10:30pm



$ 99

Per MonthHosted by Eric Roach

Special Guests:

The stories of Lily Be

A Poem/Tribute by Taylor “Lola” Price

Stand up comedy by Liz Greenwood

Andrea DeVriendt sings for you!

Michael Jones and his Ukulele

Olive Garden Fan Fiction with Spenser Davis and Stacie Barra


$ 99

Per MonthStage Manager – Jermaine Edward Thomas*
Production Managers/Talent Acquisition – Greg Caldwell*/Eric Roach*
Organizers – Scott OKen*/Greg Caldwell*/Eric Roach*

*Factory Theater Ensemble Member

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