Dating and Dragons

Jack loves to play games. He’s really good at knowing the rules, especially when the game involves swords, sorcery, and a dragon or two. But when he meets Diane and falls under her spell, which rules should he follow? How do you win at dating? Join Jack and his friends on a journey through the rules of dating, dragons, and doing the right thing.


$ 99

Per MonthPerformed in 2016 at The Factory Theater (1623 W Howard)

Directed By: Scott OKen*
Written By: Mike Ooi*

Previews: July 1-3
Preview Tickets: $10

Opens: July 8
Runs through: August 13
Fridays and Saturdays: 8pm
Sundays: 3pm
Tickets: $25

Industry Night:


$ 99

Per MonthJack: Nick Freed
Diane: Rebecca Wolfe
Sean: Joe Faifer
Gus: Josh Zagoren
Paige: Savanna Rae
Hat Koken (Jack U/S): Tim Lee
Scarf Koken (Paige U/S): Caitlin Boho
Glasses Koken (Diane U/S): Lauren S. Deaton
Ork Koken (Gus/Sean U/S): Mike Manship


$ 99

Per MonthDirector: Scott OKen*
Written By: Mike Ooi*
Assistant Director: Blake Dalzin
Production Manager: Rachel Sypniewski
Stage Manager: Alexa Berkowitz
Assistant Stage Manager: Kyle Bricker
Set Designer: Kaitlyn Grissom
Master of the Mystic Arts: Tom Aufmann
Props Designer: Christy Arington
Costume Designer: Gary Nocco
Sound Designer: Sarah Espinoza
Master Electrician: CW van Baale
Lighting Designer: Emma Deane
Graphic Design and Trailer Production: Jason Moody