A Drink With…Kevin Alves

Bartender, I’ll have a…Breakfast of Champions aka Captain Morgan and Sprite

I’m SURE you remember me from such Factory shows as…Ren Faire! A Fistful of Ducats (re-mount), Street Justice: Condition Red, and Hotel Aphrodite.

I got involved with the Factory because…From the day my wife, Kim, and I moved to Chicago, everyone we met said, “You’ve got to work with The Factory. You’ll fucking love it!” After seeing Mop Top Festival and the White Trash re-mount, I knew what they were saying was true. Then I got a call from the director of Ren Faire (re-mount) asking if I wanted to join the cast. Hells yeah and I did. I’ve been hooked ever since. Now Kim and I are lucky enough to have been accepted into the family as new company members. Awesomeness achieved!

My current/next gig is…You can see me in The Last Big Mistake, the second Factory show of season 23 (and in the new space). Other than that, you can catch me in the Bruised Orange Theater Company’s I Saw You, performing real, uncensored personal ads from the Chicagoland area every Wednesday night at the Town Hall Pub, and every first Monday at Mary’s Attic. You can also catch me in CASSANDRA, a live lit “new timey” radio style show performing original sketches written by the cast, every last Tuesday at the Hopleaf.

I give a shit about our move to Rogers Park because…We finally have our own home. Bouncing around from space to space or having to work around someone else’s schedule can be tough. Now we can do what we want, when we want. Our parents are out of town and we’re having a party. Just don’t break anything!

If I had to force you to listen to 2 albums, they would be…Jimmy Buffett’s box set “Boats, Beaches, Bars, & Ballads”. Technically it’s 4 albums, but who gives a shit. Pour yourself some boat drinks, sit on the porch, and fucking relax.

My favourite Factory memory is…I have 2:

Getting killed as Streak in Street Justice and making my death noises in Robyn Coffin’s face back stage (there may been some leg humping too).

Mandy Walsh’s re-virgining in Hotel Aphrodite. Between the noises she made and her tits bouncing all over, I couldn’t keep my shit together. I had to go to my happy place every show so I wouldn’t break on stage.

I’m switching drinks, I’ll have a…A High Life, cause I don’t give a shit.

Kevin - Beer in the shower








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