A Drink With…Ernie Deak

By June 10, 2015Uncategorized

Bartender, I’ll have a…Smithwick’s

I’m SURE you remember me from such Factory shows as…Surface Dwellers, Toast of the Town, Top Shelf …, The Willing Participant, G.I.’s in Europe, Siskel & Ebert Save Chicago, Bustin’ Out of the Hell, Mop Top Festival, 1985 and Black & Blue.

I got involved with the Factory because…it was just crazy enough to work.

My current/next gig is…The Last Big Mistake, the second show in our upcoming All-Rogers-Park-All-the-Time season. I wrote it. Adjust your schedules accordingly.

I give a shit about our move to Rogers Park because…it’s a big fucking deal. Tell me it’s not!

If I had to force you to listen to 2 albums, they would be…“Steppenwolf the Second” by Steppenwolf (Editor’s note: EXCELLENT!) and “Traveller” by The Lord Weird Slough Feg, because I’m feeling merciful.

My favourite Factory memory is…quite an amusing story. You should ask me to tell it to you sometime. You what?

I’m switching drinks, I’ll have a…Negro Modelo. And for you?

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