A Drink With…Colin Milroy

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Bartender, I’ll have a… Vodka tonic with a splash of lime

I’m SURE you remember me from such Factory shows as… Writer & performer: Street Justice: Condition Red, The Gray Girl, The New Adventures of Popeye
Strictly actor: Toast of the Town (remount), Bustin’ Out of The Hell, Siskel & Ebert Save Chicago, Operation Infiltration, GIs in Europe
Production Manager: Easy Six, Hey! Dancin’! 
Assistant Director: Mop Top Festival

I got involved with the Factory because…They gave me the nicest rejection ever. My first audition for the company was in 2005. The ensemble people leading it were so happy and welcoming that they made me feel special just because I showed up. The audition was so fun. When I wasn’t cast, I was told that my time at the audition was greatly appreciated and I was thanked excessively for coming out to play. The company exuded respect for people who wanted to work with them. When I got cast in my first Factory show, the company showed the same respect and appreciation to everyone in the cast and crew for their time. It was good, hard work. It was also a joyful process. Professional and artistic with the occasional potty humor bit thrown in. The Factory loves their work and loves those who work with them. The Factory is a family. They support and nurture artists while encouraging daring original works. The Factory is a haven and a home. I’m very grateful for every moment with the Factory Theater.

My current/next gig is…Continuing to manage the Factory Writer’s Workshop. Setting up a new house in Jefferson Park and trying to squeeze a bit of writing in.

I give a shit about our move to Rogers Park because…We’re back home but out of our parent’s basement. We now have our own independent space to play with as we will. It’s back in the neighborhood where the company started over 20 years ago. The Factory invests itself in the community around it. Rogers Park wants to grow its arts scene and we’re ready to do our part.

If I had to force you to listen to 2 albums, they would be…Boston’s self-titled album from 1976. Timeless, non-stop jams. Also the first album I ever heard on vinyl. The Top Gun soundtrack. Some of the finest 80s cheese lumped together in dramatic, swishy packaging. A perfect encapsulation of the decade.

My favourite Factory memory is…There’s so many. Cliff notes version:
– OKen trying to break Corri Pasko onstage by asking her to the Bingus Tournament, missing his next line and cracking himself up.
– Our stage manager frantically whispered that Roger Ebert was in the audience right before a performance of Siskel & Ebert Save Chicago. I thought she was joking but found out during the performance she wasn’t. Feeling spine-tingling glee that we were performing for him and having my heart burst with joy when Ebert gave us a thumbs up.
– The wonderful mood & setting of The Gray Girl.
– Writing and performing Street Justice: Condition Red with Tournis.
I got lots more but I need   to shut up now. Buy me a drink sometime and we’ll talk some more.

I’m switching drinks, I’ll have a…Dogfish Head 90-Minute IPA. Extra chilled to stab your insides a little harder.

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