A Drink With…Blake Dalzin

Bartender, I’ll have a…very spicy Bloody Mary with a beer back (I can’t stress the beer back enough, people).

I’m SURE you remember me from such Factory shows as…Hunky Dory, Easy Six, Black and Blue, White Trash Wedding and a Funeral (remount), Incident on Run #1217, and Assistant Director on ‘Namosaur! I am also guilty of providing the preshow announcements for each show.

I got involved with the Factory because…[Emeritus Member] Joe Gehr heard of me from a coworker of mine (Emeritus Factory member, Josh Graves). I ran into Joe at the Long Room after a piano lesson and he mentioned a show he had written being directed by Josh. Well, after quite a few PBR’s and whiskey shots, he mentioned he was going to talk to Josh about getting me on board. I was blown away by the talent in the cast and could not believe how funny these people were.

My current/next gig is…playing Jake in The Last Big Mistake and Assistant Director for Dating and Dragons.

I give a shit about our move to Rogers Park because…It is important to have our own space. We are going back to the Factory Theater’s old stomping grounds and to a community that is excited to have us be a part of it. Having this type of community support and creative control of our own space is something I am very excited about.

If I had to force you to listen to 2 albums, they would be…Exile on Main Street (Rolling Stones). This album should be owned by EVERYONE! Also, Bob Dylan’s first album. It’s raw and you can hear the sounds of youthful rage and an old man’s wisdom.

My favourite Factory memory is…Being a part of the Easy Six cast and having the opening night party. It was late and I was tipsy having been dancing and drinking with Robyn Coffin, Johnny Mo and the rest of the cast. I noticed Manny Tamayo and Allison Cain holding hands and talking and was like “Nice, you guys hooking up?” There was quite a bit of laughter and “you idiot” looks from everyone. I was then informed they were actually married.

I’m switching drinks, I’ll have a…shot of Jameson and a beer back (I can’t stress the beer back enough, people)

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